How to Turn Your Thrift Store Habit into Income

I love thrift store shopping. Do you? If so, you probably already know how many goodies you can find buried in their shelves. Have you ever considered that you can use those thrift stores to make an income? It does take some work, but it can be done if you put a little time and effort into it. Use these  steps to turn your thrift store habit into an income for yourself and your family.

How to Turn Your Thrift Store Habit into Income

How to Turn Your Thrift Store Habit into Income

Put some budget on it – If you’re going into the thrift stores simply to find items to sell, you can’t do that with ten dollars. You’re going to need to put a little bit of money into it to make some money. The minimum that you should take with you is fifty dollars, but one-hundred is a much better number. It’s better to have more money than you need than not enough and miss out on something.

Find the best shops – Let’s face it. Some thrift stores carry better merchandise than others. In order to find those items to profit on, you’ll want to sniff out the best ones. While the not so good ones might have some items you want, you’ll do much better by picking the better stocked stores.

Find the best inventory – Depending on where you’re planning on selling, different items will sell quicker and at a better price than other places. Do some research on the site or store that you’re planning on selling at to see what their best selling items are. If clothing doesn’t sell well then skip it when you’re looking for inventory. If furniture sells like hot cakes, fill your inventory with it. Supply and demand will always fuel a retail business.

Find places to sell – Obviously you can’t sell your items without a place to sell them. Take some time and do some research on the best places. Ebay is still a viable selling option, but for some sellers the fees are too high. Facebook buy, sell and trade groups are usually pretty active too and can make for quick sales. Craigslist is another option, but please be sure to exercise safety when meeting someone for a sale. Other selling options are consignment stores and websites (like ThredUp or, pawn shops (though you won’t get much cash with this option), secondhand resale shops or even a yard sale.

Prices Matter – Finally, price your items to sell. There’s no reason to try and scam someone by overcharging them on an item. Keep your prices low, but still high enough that you still make a profit. If you get a reputation of being an overcharging seller, you’ll have a much harder time selling things.

Get professional — If you have some great pieces that you want to sell for top dollar, I suggest making yourself look pro! For example, pick a mannequin . and if you are posting your pieces in facebook groups or ebay–people are more likely to look at your stuff if set up “professionally” and you can charge more for it.

If you’re serious about having a resale business, you can do it. It will take patience, research, time and a bit of cash, but once you get rolling it can be very profitable.

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