6 Meals that feed a family of 5 for $35

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Stretching your budget is easy at Walmart Neighborhood Market #WMT5663. Overspending is also easy to do with a family of five– especially when you are feeding three growing boys.

I thought it would be fun to share 6 meals (5 of which are crockpot!) that you can make for your family that will help stretch your budget and help feed your family for under only $35 when you purchase from Walmart! #GOWalmart

Take note that all prices are regional and that I haven’t included some items–such as cheese, spices, cream and the basics–in hopes that you will already have these things available! 🙂



Here are the staples to each dish. You will need to see each recipe for the specifics. (note, you can substitute  whatever you prefer. We prefer Ground Turkey over beef and thighs over breasts–we cut the meat down to the bone which saves money)

Save some money and print a $1/2 Jennie-O Ground Turkey Coupon if you prefer ground turkey

Print a $0.40/3 Campbell’s Soup Coupon for the Sausage and Potato dinner and Chicken & Veggies

Check out the recipes:

All of the recipes are in printable format once you click on them– Everything here cost a total of $35.97 or $1.19 per person!


      • Roxy444 says

        Peleo diet is very unhealthy. Just because it eliminates processed foods doesn’t mean it’s good for us. There is no scientific research done to show any evidence that there are any health benefits from Paleo diet. As a matter of fact, by promoting heavy use of animal products and fats, Paleo diet is quite Unhealthy (animal protein is carcinogenic, there for cancer promoting). Josie, please do not recommend this to your readers.
        Source – I am a certified Plant Based Nutritionist.

    • Daisy says

      Missy, for starters, you won’t be shopping at Walmart if you’re looking for healthy! (All these Walmart posts are a serious downer, Josie, especially since you recently posted that you don’t really like Walmart.) A study done showed that Whole Foods wouldn’t even carry something like 54% of the groceries carried by Walmart because of all of the additives, chemicals, sugar, GMOs, etc. in their products.

      Paleo isn’t really a “diet,” it’s a way of eating and a very healthy one! (It works well for us!)

  1. Kc says

    If i may offer a suggestion or 2 for Missy… try adding in more seasonal produce & less meats. Think farmers market about an hour before it closes for the best deals. Then try dishes from all over the world… yakisoba from japan (about $6.00 for a family of 5), curry from india (about $7.00 for family of 5), the aussies have great seafood recipes, as do most of the european coastal countries… pair those w/ wild rice, veggies & salad…. you can always do a homemade chicken ceasar salad. homemade gluten free & dairy free bread recipes can be found on on kingarthurflour.com… homemade breads are cheap to make & will be as clean as you choose. Look into fetecinni alfredo with the sauce made from rice instead of cream… hiliary & bill clintons chef does this.
    A lot of okinawan/ japanese dishes are veggie heavy & good for you,.. after all they do have the most centurians per capita so they obviously do things right… try the okinawan diet book for more info on that.

  2. Susan says

    I think it is pretty hard to eat healthy on the cheap, but this is my method. We buy a big bag of chicken breast from Costco and a box of their wild Atlantic Salmon. The other meat I buy is the organic chicken drumsticks from Trader Joes that are always 1.99 lb. I buy a big bag of organic frozen veggies from Costco. Then each week I buy fresh organic veggies and fruits from TJ’s. I just rotate. Grilled chick and veggies, baked salmon and veggies, etc. It’s boring, but super healthy. Then if I get a wild streak I can make something yummy that isn’t so great for us (pizza, beef strog., etc. that maybe I had a coupon to help with.) but I feel like I save a lot of money this way by staying out of the stores period. Whenever I get creative with dinners they end up costing me a ton and being super unhealthy. Once we got used to eating this way for dinner, my husband and I both lost weight and the other stuff doesn’t taste so great anymore. Oh- I do buy pork shoulder when it’s on sale for the crockpot. So easy to add bbq sauce at the end of the day and have pulled pork sandwiches or burritos. I guess that’s medium healthy :).

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