Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell: Cincinnati OR So Cal??


I mentioned several weeks ago that my husband was going to be on the Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell. Tomorrow (3/28) will be the premiere of his show. If you haven’t watched the previous shows–The idea behind Chef Wanted to help popular restaurants find a new Executive Chef. Anne Burrell finds candidates and puts them through the “toughest interview” of their life.

Lets Rewind….

Six months ago my husband George was looking for something new. As a chef you must constantly grow– it isn’t abnormal for a chef to spend a year or two at one place and move onto the next. While he was “looking” he wasn’t expecting to have the Food Network look at his resume.

Long story short… It has been a LONG 4 months that I’ve wanted to talk about this. Now that the show will be airing tomorrow I can finally tell you all that its possible that we COULD be moving to Cincinnati!

I am so proud of my husband and would love your support in cheering him on! Hope you will all tune in tomorrow at 10pm EST on the Food Network.! 


  1. Claudia says

    How exciting for you and your family. How sad for us. What will happen to southern cali saver (I just love your site)? I’ve been watching the show and paying attention to the chef’s names to make sure I didn’t miss it.

  2. MusicSaver says

    So exciting! Congrats! Even though I don’t “know you” personally, I am a HUGE fan of your website, and so grateful for all that you do to help find daily deals! Congrats to your husband…and either way the show goes, I hope it is the best and most exciting for your family!! We don’t have cable (just another way my family saves!) so I won’t be able to tune in–but know that you have all my cheers! Many blessings! ~ a faithful fan!

  3. Lauren Hayes says

    This is amazing! Ivan tell people I taught his child! Lol.
    Good luck! Love that show and can’t wait to watch!

  4. Britt says

    I’m from Cincinnati. If you do go there you’ll love it. Very family friendly and much cheaper than SoCal

  5. AnnMarie says

    UGH! I agree with Claudia, I want your Honey to do well, but I don’t want you to move. I will definitely be watching and cheering for him.

  6. Beatrice says

    OMG !! how exciting Josie!! good luck to your hubby……
    we’ll be watching from the Inland Empire….

  7. Lynda Basulto says

    I would hate for you to leave us but I totally understand. You and your family deserve this opportunity, best of luck to your hubby:)

  8. Ma says

    Super excited for you and your family. Like everyone else, I’ll be pretty lost without you, but understand that changes are necessary in life. Perhaps you can teach me how to do what you do and I can keep this site going! 🙂 Best wishes from Torrance.

  9. BarstowMom says

    I can’t wait to watch the show tomorrow. I remember you mentioning it a while back and had my DVR set.

  10. dawn says

    Bittersweet… of luck to your husband! What an exciting opportunity for him and your family! But oh how I would miss southern cali saver. You don’t know me but oh how you are such a major person in my life!

  11. Beatrice says

    I wish you nothing but the best for you and your family. When I retired I wondered how I was going to make ends meet and then I discovered YOU! You have been a life saver and have helped me to stretch my retirement dollars. I have told all who would listen about “Southern Cali Saver” and how you have helped me save tons of money! Even though you have “taught me well” you will be sorely missed. Good luck.

  12. Je Yo says

    Wow! I echo everyone else’s comments. I wish you guys the best wherever you end up. I’m just thankful for you and all you do. We’ll miss you!

  13. Karen says

    Wow, what an opportunity!! Very exciting…..but….you better find someone to take over this blog for you if you leave, I would be lost without it!! All the best!

  14. newbie says

    I knew this day would come! 🙁
    But I only have best wishes for you and your family. Let’s hope you’ve taught us enough to be on our own, lol. Will definately cheer him on.

  15. SLNY says

    I’m so happy for your family to have this opportunity and at the same time like everyone else sad that we will be losing you if you go to Cincinnati. I will miss you terribly but will be happy for your family.

  16. jk says

    Wow, just saw it (we get digital cable eastern time on west coast). Very close indeed. You must be so proud!

  17. Mary D. says

    I was rooting for your hubby last nighr. I stayed up and watched the show that I had prerecorded. You look amazing in the photo displayed on TV last night! Your hubby was great. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for him, but hopefully the right door will be opened for him now! There are a LOT of Southern Cali’s that are thrilled you will be staying here. (Hopefully?)

  18. SLNY says

    I watched it last night! Your husband did a great job!!! I was pretty convinced you guys were going to be moving. Any resturant would be happy to have him and I know more great opportunities await him and your family.

  19. LD says

    Was on pins and needles yesterday!!! Watched it last night & was rooting for George (& your family). Was actually SHOCKED when he didn’t win. His service went more smoothly and they even commented on his depth. God has something better in store for your family…. Hopefully right here in SoCal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, felt bad for your hubby as he spoke of his Mother’s passing & how she inspired him to become a Chef. Our condolences. For sure she was a wonderful woman, who supported and encouraged her son’s dream.

    Thanks for all you do!! You’re a blessing! 😉

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