Extreme Couponing in California


With the debut of Extreme Couponing tonight I wanted to make a note for those that may have found this site due to the show.

Couponing has been such a blessing to me and to my family. While living in California and trying to save money in such an expensive state–couponing has made it possible to live on one income–in a two income world.

Saving money in California is possible and I began this blog to prove it. What you see on Extreme couponing is true–to some extent. When you coupon–more realistically you will save over 60% on your grocery bill. (Hey, that beats paying full price!)

I feed my family of 5 on $200 a month. I am proud to say that a good portion of it is organic.

While Extreme Couponing is all glory and loves to show you the power of the coupon, please know that a lot of the show is not realistic. It is possible to save great amounts of money on products you enjoy everyday. Alot of the show is done in states that have stores that allow multiple doubling of coupons and have a lower cost of living. While California does have double coupons we also have limitations on how it is done.

If you are looking for a place to start and are ready to start saving, you may want to start below:

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Coupons!  Coupons! Coupons!

Coupon Lingo (here you will find a list of abbreviations and terms that I use on SCS)

Stockpiling for your family + Stock up Prices

Coupon Organization

Understanding Coupon Match-ups

Learn to shop at Vons

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  1. akb says

    not tv show related, but i wanted to share i referred your site today!
    i was at panera. i coupon while my car gets serviced. (panera is across the street) the server saw my table filled with coupons and eagerly asked how she can find coupons to save on diapers. i gave her some tips but i don’t have kids so i recommended your site. hopefully she finds her way here!

  2. Maria says

    I tried watching the show last night but it was just not as interesting as the first season to me, now that i know its basically all fake and staged. Im glad i found your site its helped me out alot! The first times that i went couponing i would be upset with myself bc i wasn’t saving 90% like all those girls on Extreme Couponing but then realized that is nearly impossible to buy so much stuff for nearly nothing plus i dont need 100 bottles of ketchup. 😉

  3. Dana O says

    The associate at Vons told me this week that “We started cracking down on couponing when that show started airing”… GRRRR…..

  4. Richard Brown says

    Hey all,

    Man…it looks like I’m going to have a tough time Qing in CA if I move back from FL. I wish I could talk my ex-wife into moving back here. It looks like it is going to be tough to try and coupon there. When I went back to the Central Valley (Visalia and Hanford)and went to some of the stores there and ask what there coupon policies were…the response I got was…coupon policy? It would be nice if Publixs put some of there stores in CA. It would wake up alot of those stores out there. I live in the land of the BOGO state. It’s sweet to be able to buy 130.00 in groceries and pay only .10 cents. Pulblix’s is a great place to shop. They build there business off couponers. Increased there bottom line by 15 percent and build two new stores where I live. Moving back to CA is going to be a hard decession to make. Also, it’s nice not having to shop at Walmart anymore becuase of shopping at publix

  5. andie says

    ok so …. i am starting to really get intrested in the “extreme couponing” deal but live in california … i know theres stores here that are thye “cool” kind and sccept any coupons or even all , does anyone know of a “cool” store near ontario ?

  6. Karen says

    Hi I live in central CA and started couponing when I lost my job 2 days after the coupon show aired. Ca doesn’t double but if you wait for the right price and put a coupon ontop of it, you can come out a head.. I have done very well since april 2011. I am now using the goodies up and only buying milk and bread. We will be moving in about 2 yrs and want to see how long it lasts. If anyone needs help getting started feel free to e-mail me. I am also looking for those black can shelfs that rotate the cans so if anyone knows where to get them let me know. Thanks

    • Casey says

      Hi Karen. I like in central California as well and am finding it hard to get amazing deals. I’d love some help if you wouldn’t mind!

    • ree says

      My name is Ree and I live in San Jose,CA. I have watched EC but can never figure out how to do it here. I have a family of 4 with an 8 Mo old and am currently on disability for my MS and its awfully hard do you have any websites that might be of help? the ones I have found are garbage. Thanks for your time.

    • rachel says

      Hi Karen, I like your post – I agree about waiting for the right price – Where do you gather your coupons from? I have signed up to get my local newspaper in san jose but not sure which websites to trust with my info. Thanks.

  7. CAROL says

    Hey Karen

    I am very interested in couponing but have no idea where to start. I started saving and cutting coupons but have not yet did my first shopping. Do I have to get more than one sunday newspaper to start? Do I only buy stuff that are on sale? I live in SF CA so is there really alot of money that I can save. Do I have to shop in another city? So on and so forth… So many questions I just want to start shopping already….Thanks

  8. Melissa says

    Hi Josie,
    I work for a grocery store in the bay area in California and I wanted to clarify something. California has a law against double couponing. It has been in affect for several years. It affects all retail stores and not just grocery stores. You can look it up in the civil codes for California. All coupons for California say no double couponing on them. I coupon myself and have had trouble with this. People always confuse this with other states. Thank you.

    • Josie says

      Hi Melissa, several stores in California double coupons. Vons, Ralphs–So I’m not sure if I understand what you are saying. Also, all coupons distributed throughout the country are available to use anywhere. There isn’t such a thing as “california” coupons. Hope that helps!

  9. Carmela says

    Oh that makes me pause. It’s terrible that the supermarkets might be viewing couponers as adversaries. I wonder if his manager is aware of his attitude…
    @Dana O

  10. Ness says

    I live in central Cali too (Visalia) I’ve been couponing for my family of 7 since 2010…it has helped us out so much! Thank you for your web site
    I won’t shop any other way now lol

  11. Sandra toporcer says

    Hi Ness, I live in visalia too, would love to get some input and help as to getting started with couponing for my family!

  12. Jennifer De La Cruz says

    i was interesting in .. someone to treat me how to extreme coupon i have a family of 7kids all under 18 and me and husband … thanks

  13. Jennifer says

    I found you site after seeing a show. I like that you advocate for saving not clearing. 2 days ago I was in the store behind a shelf clearer and couldn’t get what I wanted or needed because she had taken everything.
    My goal is to stock up a few things a month but no shelf clearing for me I just find it rude.

  14. angelina says

    I seeing that show. I agree that is fake !!. what store would allow 80 coupons to be scanned. I spoke to one of the ladies in the TV show. she told me that the TV show would go to the store and speak to the manager and ask if they can film their show and allow them to use all the coupons. They will pay the store for allowing them to film.

  15. angela says

    actually food for less this past week ordered some items and let me use over 100 coupons. fairly simple for them. it works. over 230 pricey items for less than $60 was my list that transaction. worked very well. i followed all restrictions on coupons presented and everything. one of my best hauls and i was able to help three families including my own. publix is a good store for coupons in the east but yes they do have limits to numbers in a transaction.

  16. Jennifer says

    Hey all,
    I’m pretty sure none of the stores in so Cal double coupons but I would love for someone to tell me different. Please share if there are any stores in cali that double…i live in the Chino area.

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