Extreme Couponing: Learn to Shop at Vons

This Extreme Couponing session is geared more for those that live in the Southern California area. If you shop at a Safeway store–this may be something you want to read–as Safeway is similar, except not all Safeway stores double coupons.

Weekly Ad Dates:
žMid week supplemental Ad.
Membership Card:
ž“VonsClub Card.”
žIn order to get their advertised sale prices, you must use this card each time you shop.
žSign up in store or download an application on line.


Vons Card Perks:

Personalized Coupons:
žThe catalinas you receive will be personalized depending on what you have bought recently.
žFor example, if you buy a lot of baby items, you will get baby coupons. If you buy a lot of frozen food, you will get frozen food coupons. Although these state “manufacturer’s coupon” on them, they can only be used at Vons.
Signature Cafe:
žScan your VonsClub Card when you buy Signature Café sandwich. Every 8th sandwich is free.


Coupon Details:

Coupons Accepted:
žManufacturers Coupons with an expiration date and barcode.
žOnline Printable Coupons that have a face value of less than $5, the words “Manufacturers Coupon” printed on them and a barcode.
žVons Store Coupons (can be stacked with MQ!).
žVons Catalina Coupons.
žE-Coupons (see below).
žThese are coupons that you can upload to your Vons Card.
ž If you buy a qualifying item, the coupon will automatically be applied.
žThey are not doubled, and can be combined with paper MQ (not from cellfire).
žYou can upload other coupons (similar to the Smart Source insert) to your rewards Card by registering.


Double Coupons & Overage:

Vons doubles coupons according to the following policy:
žThe face value any coupon under $0.50 is doubled.
žAny coupon which has a face value between $0.50 & $0.99 is worth $1.
žAny coupon with a face value of $1 or over is worth just its face value.
žIf you are using multiples of the same coupon, only the first coupon per transaction is doubled.
žThis is important if you are using coupons to stock up. You can do multiple transactions and have the first coupon in each transaction doubled.
žIf you have a coupon that is worth more than the sale price of the corresponding item, Vons will typically still credit the entire coupon amount to your bill. Sorry guys. I wrote this several months ago and Vons no longer allows overage!
žYou won’t get cash back, but if you are buying other items, the overage will be applied to those items.
Unadvertised Deals:
žThe Vons weekly ad is typically much larger than the Ralphs ad, but smaller than the Albertsons ad. You will generally find a few unadvertised sales each week at Vons.
Rebate Deals:
žRalphs regularly offers Instant Rebate Deals and Coupon Rebate Deals,  as well as other sorts of unique rebate deals.
žSome examples would be “buy 4 cereals, get free milk,” or “Buy 3 participating products, get free Charmin.”
Online Shopping:
žVons will deliver for a fee of $6.95-12.95, depending on which delivery window you choose. You may not use coupons.
žEven if you don’t shop online, this can be a helpful way of looking up the regular shelf prices of items that may not be listed in their ad that week.


Vons Coupon Policy:

Manufacturer & Store Coupons:
žCoupons may not be applied against any free items.
žWill accept Catalina or other in-store coupons with another retailer’s logo or name.
žIf a $10 minimum purchase is required for a coupon, it is calculated after store coupons/promos, but before MQ.
žMinimum purchase requirements exclude items by law.
Internet Printable Coupons:
žIP coupons must scan at checkout.
žWill not accept “free product” internet coupons.
žExpire after 90 days.
žEach store can limit quantities.
žIssued for up to 6 items, unless otherwise stated in Ad.
:: You can check out entire Vons Coupon Policy here.

New to couponing? Check out my Extreme Couponing Series!


  1. Michelle D says

    For those outside of Californians no doubling of coupons…..and you pay more for food and the weather is not as great but we live where we live. =-)

  2. Susan says

    If a $10 minimum purchase is required for a Vons/Safeway coupon, does that mean that you have to have $10 of other merchandise in addition to the things that you want to use the Vons/Safeway in-ad coupon on? It sounds like such a dumb question, but that is what my store told me the last time I was in there.

    I don’t know if I am making myself clear so I will give you an example. I was buying Freschetta pizzas. They were on sale for $5.99. The in-ad coupon brought that price down to $3.99 each. There was a limit of 3, which is what I was trying to buy. That would have put my purchase at $11.97 with the use of the in-ad coupon. (Of course, I had other coupons that I was going to use as well.) I was told that in order to use that in-ad coupon, I had to buy $10 of other mechandise before they would honor it. I told them that the wording states there is a $10 minimum purchase but does not tell you what the purchase must consist of. It sounds crazy so I thought I would ask you to see if any of you had come across this crazy logic!

    • Josie says

      @Susan: you are are right. Sadly–the coupon policy is structured so that each individual Vons can alter these rules. 🙁

  3. Lora Reynolds says

    I live in the Central Valley where they do not double coupons anywhere and it stinks. Vons used to on Tuesdays but gave that up a long time ago:( I have run into some issues lately with Vons. They are cracking down on coupons and will only take 1 internet coupon for an item. I went to purchase 4 Jell-O Tempatations and I had (4) $1.00 coupons and they would only take one (though the week prior I used multiple coupons for the same cereal). I have been shopping there for years and they said that they are tired of fraudulent coupons and now this is what they are doing.
    I went home and printed up the coupon policy and went back to the store and spoke with the supervisor about the issue and told him that it does not state this on Vons coupon policy. I also called corporate and they said the coupon policy can vary because it is up to the managers on how many coupons they want to take. I have not gone back to the Vons by my house and I wrote them a letter letting them know my frustration and I did not appreciate them accusing me of “coping” my coupons. I have found a Vons across town that will accept any and all coupons but I am not going to drive across town for a couple of sale items and I am upset how they could be so rude to a customer that has shopped with them for 15 years.

  4. sel says

    i thought vons only allows manuf coupon stacking with their own von store coupons. for ex, not an ecoupon and a paper manufac-q. it would have to be a vons and a manuf (when it be e-q or paper). i also thought they dont allow any overage since changing their policy.?

  5. sel says

    lol thanks for responding… i got so excited after reading ur post that i wanted to make a run into vons today! good thing i didnt, rejection is the worst w/ these gas prices.
    anyone know of any good catalinas running?

  6. Britt says

    My Vons in Sna diego will only allow 1 coupon per item so I can go in and buy 10 boexes of frosted flakes in one transaction. I would have to make it in 10 visits. My Vons also does not double. UGH!

  7. Lesa says

    Vons Coupon Policy has change 🙁 you can only use 2 Manufacturer coupons that are the same in a 24 hour day .. one will be dubbled and the othere is face value .. there in sales you can do as much as you want 🙁 i just went today and found that out. i wanted to get foil that was on sale for 1.38. had 3 coupons for $1.00 off and they only let me use 2 of the three 🙁

  8. Billy says

    @Josie – I see lots of changes happening and they’re coming on faster. My question would be…with each Vons store being able to make slight alterations in their policy, do they have to have a “written” policy at the store? Also, has anyone else noticed that they keep changing the way the receipt prints and reflects your coupons usage? I’ve noticed my store (in Corona) has changed the recipt format several times over the last 4-5 months. I think it’s to keep better track of people trying to stack paper coupons with e-coupons. That’s my 2-cents.

    • Josie says

      There is no offical policy. Trust me..I’ve been going crazy with all the different “rules” and each store being different.

  9. ari says

    I forgot to bring the coupons to VOns tonight, I’d like to go back to store ask for the coupons credit. Do you happen to know if they will accept it? Do I have to go back to origanl store or I can go to any VONS? THank you!!

  10. Julie says

    Hello! Newbie here. I am in Corona, also, and have a ? about the e-coupons and stacking them with a MFR….

    Vons and Shortcuts WILL ALLOW me to use their e-coupons WITH a MFR in the same transaction?? and CELLFIRE WILL NOT allow it? Im confused on that one!!!

    I went the other night, my 1st time with the ecoupons, and noticed some were not used that I had uploaded to my vons card…

    and can they only be used 1 time? or can you download again?

    Julie :p

    • Josie says

      Julie: I’m completely confused at it too. Cellfire coupons used to be able to stack with paper coupons but vons has since updated their registers to not accept Celffire coupons. e-coupons can only be uploaded to your card once. The sad thing about e-coupons is that you have to hope they all come off at the register 🙁

  11. Julie says

    @Billy……my Vons receipt from the Corona store was so confusing…..I couldnt figure some of them out, what my actual savings were on a few items……and why do some of my MFR coupons end up on the bottom of the receipt, and not with the actual itemit went with, like some of the other coupons??? confusing! lol but fun! 🙂


  12. Kim says

    @Lesa – I am in Redlands and just learned over the weekend that my store also only allows 2 “like” coupons. I did the foil deal also but they let me do 2 transactions. They said it is posted by the register but I did not see it. Earlier in the week I had no problem using more then 2 “like” coupons. I e-mailed Von’s and called the manager. The manager wants Von’s to come out with a clear policy and the emails I received from Von’s was that it is the Manager’s discretion on how they deal with coupons. I don’t understand why Von’s can not follow the Safeway policy that they post on their web site or at least make a clear policy for all stores to follow so the customer does not have to guess what the policy will be from store to store. They have to be loosing customers over all the uncertainty.

  13. Kendra says

    The Vons in El Cajon and Lakeside Ca do double!! Not all the coupons though, only the first 2 like coupons i think. Just call around..each vons seems to have their own policy.@Britt

  14. Elizabeth says


    I used digital mfr cpns loaded on my card from Vons and Safeway.com and paper mfr coupons in the same visit with no problems or even a prompt from the computer. I was so thrilled to discover that you could do that! This was just in the past week, so it seems that you can still do this.

  15. Leonor says

    @Lora Reynolds
    I went to Vons for the first time today with coupons, and the cashier told me
    I could only use 2 if the same coupons per item, so I had to take some stuff out.
    That sucked, they didn’t let me do another transaction either.
    I had to drive to another Vons to purchase the rest.

  16. BERNIE says

    Ok General Mill cereal was on sale for 1.99. I have a coupon for 3 general mills cereal for $1.00. So, i purchase 3 cereal box using the 1.00 manufacture coupon. Isn’t the cereal suppose to be a dollar only for each box? I’m asking because i purchase about 12 cereal boxs and i had 4 coupons for 3 cereal box for 1.00. When paying i’m not sure if i got a deal on the receipts it shows manufacture coupon for only 5.00 was deducted im confusue. i’m nost sure its an error on my part or the cashier. i’m not sure she scan the store card because i signed up for it at the same time of the purchse.

  17. lori wilson says

    does any one live up in apple valley..and if so how or what store’s do you coupon at. my mother live’s up there and i am trying to help her from coloardo?

  18. Heidi says

    I am in iowa but I am trying to help my sister in coronado ca. She said she has a vons, cvs, albertsons. Etc. Anyway, besides walmart and target we don’t have the same stores. She has never couponed before. What stores can you ad coupons onto a loyalty card online? It looks as though you can with vons but I don’t want to misdirect her. Thank you!

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